Private Bathing Area

at lake Mondsee

Hotel with a Private Bathing Area

Hotel with Private Bathing Area at Lake Mondsee Enjoying your vacation in the Salzkammergut Region on private bathing spot at Lake Mondsee: When staying at Lake Hotel Lackner, this dream of a peaceful idyl becomes reality. Located directly at crystal clear Lake Mondsee, this 4-star hotel is the perfect hideaway for an indulgent lake holiday.

Beach Holiday in the Salzkammergut Lake District

Lake Mondsee is among the Salzkammergut's warmest lakes and therefore is the perfect destination for a summer holiday. At Lake Hotel Lackner, the lake's shores are only ever a couple of steps away. Enjoy sunbathing at the hotel's private grassy beach, with Lake Mondsee literally at your feet. The well-kept bathing area is situated only metres from the hotel, and you are ready to start your beach holiday at the lake.

Thanks to its excellent water quality and amazing views, Lake Mondsee is a popular destination for both short trips and longer holidays in the Salzkammergut Lake District. This is no surprise, as Lake Mondsee's water has the quality of drinking water and warms up nicely during summer. The hotel's private bathing area is of course free of charge.

The hotel's private bathing area is of course free of charge.

Relax, Indulge -

and Be Active

Attend to your favourite kinds of sport, explore the city of Salzburg and the Salzkammergut Lake district, enjoy our gourmet restaurant's delights or just kick back and let your mind wander – Lake Mondsee has space for everything you need for a perfect summer holiday. The gentle bay close to Mondsee village warms up in spring, and sporty types enjoy a wide range of activities and water sports in and around the lake.