Biking & Mountainbiking

Mountainbike Holidays in the Salzkammergut

The beautiful Salzkammergut landscape to ready for you to explore on your racing or mountain bike. The Salzkammergut bike trail covers 345 sign-posted kilometres and the alpine bike track offers an additional 1000 km of blissful cycling.


You can begin your cycling tour of the Mondsee region from Lake Hotel Lackner. You can rent your bike from any one of a number of shops in the village of Mondsee, where you can also get your own bike serviced or repaired if necessary.

Your Biking Holiday in the Salzkammergut - We Recommend:

Lake Mondsee Tour

The perfect relaxing outing for the casual cyclist with 25 easy kilometres. The route includes Unterach, Plomberg, Scharfling and St. Lorenz. It also runs alongside the lake, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent views of the crystal-clear waters of Lake Mondsee.


Lake Irrsee Tour

A relaxed and family-friendly tour of 28 kms on which main roads are avoided, the cyclist is rewarded with unforgettable views of Lake Mondsee and Lake Irrsee. Don't forget your swim suit, as there are wonderful bathing spots along the route.


Mountainbiking on Mondseeberg

This fascinating and beautiful mountain-bike tour visits a forest area near the Oberwang area. Using an improved but undulating and hilly forest road, this is the perfect summer bike tour.

Lake Hotel Lackner

Enjoy your cycle in the Salzkammergut Region, after which you can come back to Lake Hotel Lackner and enjoy a gourmet snack or meal. Please contact us to discuss your plans or if you have any enquiries.